Library Services/Section

Filipiniana Services


This houses and circulates all publications about the Philippines regardless of author, in print or format except works written by Filipino treating universally accepted ideas such as statistics, mathematics, physics, etc.

Rare collection of books such as Rizal are found here.

Students love to do research in the library because of the ambience and also conducive for learning.



This contains both local and foreign journals, magazines, newspapers and publications of societies, organizations and corporations. Bound periodicals are arranged on shelves by subject.

Thus senior citizens and some professionals love this area, for reading updated National/local such as the Phil. Star Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manila Bulletin, Business World, Mindanao Bulletin, Sapol/Tribune, Brigada etc.

Internet Services


The GSC Public Library’s Mission and the Internet

It is the mission of the GSC Public Library to respond to the informational needs of General Santos Citie’s diverse communities by providing equal access to extensive and relevant resources that meet the educational, cultural, business and recreational interests of the public. In keeping with its mission, the Library provides users with access to the Internet and an office application suite. The vast network of information and resources available on the Internet enables the Library to provide information services beyond the confines of its own collection.

Desktop Applications

Internet workstations have Microsoft Office  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher available as well as Libre Office for Ubuntu Operating system. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the default web browser.


Printing are not available in the Internet Section, it is advisable to just save your  research files and attach to your Email Accounts.

The GSC Public Library and all the Sections in the  Libraries provide access to the Internet during hours the library is open. Staff members are available to introduce library users to Internet searching. Library users may also consult basic Internet resources identified by reference staff members, however, patrons are expected to use Internet workstations without library staff assistance. At branch libraries, staff assistance may be very limited.

The GSC Public Library is in the process of installing PC Reservation software at all library locations. It is not allowed to install new software applications in all Library Computers(refer to the Library Internet policy)

Free Use of WIFI

The GSC Public library have 3 Secured WIFI hotspot available for the Free wireless use of the internet access.

Users need to log-in and register .

For information about free wireless access at our libraries, please see our Internet WIFI Policy page.


Not all Internet sources provide accurate, complete or current information, and some may contain material of a controversial or mature nature. The GSC Public Library Public Library has installed filters on all its public computers to filter child pornography, adult/sexually-oriented materials and obscenity. The library cannot protect users from information they may find offensive. Library patrons access the Internet at their own discretion and they are responsible for any access points they reach. Parents and guardians of minor children, not the Library or staff, are responsible for their children’s use of the Internet through the Library’s connection.


On all Library Network  terminals, a commercially produced filter is installed to block access to adult/sexually oriented material available through the Internet that might be deemed objectionable. Each library facility shall have a sign informing the Library Network terminals are filtered . In addition, an Internet Disclaimer may be placed on terminals displaying the following:


Internet workstations are equipped with, a commercially produced filter. Its purpose is to block access to material accessible through the Internet that might be deemed objectionable. This is accomplished through integrated Web Content filtering, anti-phishing and DNS. The filter is set to block the category “Adult/Sexually Oriented.”

Given the nature of how information and sites become accessible through the Internet, the GSC Public  Library System cannot, and does not guarantee that the filter will block all material deemed objectionable. Furthermore, staff of the GSC Public Library System cannot be responsible for supervising minors while they are using the Internet workstation. Parents and other guardians of minor children are encouraged to learn about the many benefits and potential problems that may arise as a result of Internet access, and discuss them with their children.

Rights and Obligations of Users

The Library strives to balance the rights of patrons to access various types of information resources with the rights of users to work in a public environment free from disruptive sounds and visuals. There are information resources on the Internet that are inappropriate for viewing in a public setting. Because the Library is a public place shared by people of all ages, library staff reserves the right to end Internet sessions when such material is displayed.

Patrons are expected to use the Internet workstation without Library staff assistance. Schedules for instruction or assistance, when available, are posted in the Library. Staff may be available to assist in accessing reference resources on the Internet.

The Library does not provide e-mail accounts.

Use of the Internet is free; however Researchers  are expected  not to abuse the use of the internet.(like: Hacking, vandalism, on line games, movie downloading using Torrent/P2P connections)

Researchers/clients  may temporarily download to the Internet workstation desktop, all data will be lost after their session expires; patrons are encouraged to download to their own USB storage device with the approval of the Internet Section In Charge.

Viewing of inappropriate sites may result in suspension of library privileges. All Internet stations may be monitored by staff.

Researcher/clients are expected to follow all Library policies and guidelines. Library Internet guidelines and policies are available upon request at each Library facility.

Use of the Internet is a privilege that may be revoked if abused.

Prohibited Activities

Illegal activities or any other activities that are intended to interfere with or disrupt network users, services, or equipment are prohibited. The Library reserves the right to adjust or limit functions within a specific software program or equipment setup in order to prevent service disruptions.

Copyright Issues

Materials obtained or copied on this computer network may be subject to copyright laws which govern the making of reproductions of copyrighted works. A work that is protected by copyright may not be copied without permission of the copyright owner unless the proposed use falls within the definition of “Fair Use.” Violation of the copyright law may subject violators to an action for damages and/or injunction. The Library is not responsible for insuring that proper copyright protection procedures are followed.

Reference Section


A place to find dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, bibliographies, vertical file and other books needed to look up when specific information is needed.  It also maintains a collection of geographical, historical, political and economic maps and atlases, a file of publications of local and foreign corporations and a collection of school catalogues.

This area  uses OPAC (On line Public Access Catalogue) module which provides a simple and clear interface for library users to perform tasks such as locating, searching and reserving books in the entire library.



Children’s Corner composed of the following:

  • Reading Materials, Story Books, Educational CDs and DVDs, Drawing books and other materials such as Toys with kids Tables and Chairs which are suited for children.
  • Also conducts storytelling to kids using film viewing in collaboration with digital world.

Audio Visual Room


This section equipped with overhead projectors, multi-media, Internet access unit, television set, CD/DCD and karaoke units used for students, professionals and government employees activity like classroom presentations, thesis defense, meetings, conferences and lectures.



Stored in this section of the library are materials on Local and Popular artist of the city including, South Cotabato, Sarangani and Gen. Santos City including local history.

Updated brief history of Gensan and its physical feature, update list of local officials from 1948 up to present, and updated profiles of the twenty six (26) barangays.

Rare books, manuscript collections, catalogs, photographs, and posters on the subjects will be collected and stored in this area of the library.



This section is where acquisition and catalogings are done with the use of KOHA system. Thus Library management becomes easier through automated collection of data.

Also donations from National Library, Individuals, NGO’s and locally purchase are sorted here.

After materials have been acquired, it is necessary to assign them to a place in the classification scheme. The cataloguer takes care of the bibliographic description, classification, and the physical processing of the materials. It maintains the entire Automated Card Catalogue system and the shelf list of the library.



The new section in the library, strives to improve automation software access to Information about the E-library system for all users of independent research libraries. Thus performs all necessary solutions, maintain and develop new advance IT technology including the software and hardware components of the entire library.

IT staff personnel were subjected to worked hand in hand with the librarians.